GCC-Skills Development offers a unique customised approach within the skills development sector that provides our clients the opportunity to implement strategic learning initiatives.

GCC-Skills Development has partnered with various stakeholders that accommodates learners in both workplace experience and employment opportunities.

What We Do

Our Services


Skills Development Initiatives

We offer the implementation of disabled and abled bodied learnership programmes combined with onsite and offsite hosting.

Sourcing And Placements

We adopted a new approach in sourcing learners to ensure that our attendance and pass rates are high.

Absorption Of Learners

Gauteng City College – Skills Development guarantees absorption for all learners and has various absorption partners where our clients will score their 5 bonus points

14 Seta Accreditations

Gauteng City College has 13 different Seta accreditations with more than 250 NQF Qualifications available.

5 Extra Bonus Points! Yes!

Not only have we joined forces in growing the economy but rather to change the life’s of people for the better! We strive to reach the individual with the passion to change their own destiny by stepping on to the platform we built for them to acquire a specific skillset to gain access to the corporate. We can’t do this on our own, but with the help of our clients and various corporates out there, we can change the life of every individual that is enrolled through our educational transforming their skillset and allow them to gain access to the economy and the corporate world.

GCC-SD has built a platform for these individuals to be educated and acquire critical skills that will allow them to not only have the opportunity to be employed, but rather sustain that employment by utilising their skillset to build their own career.

How We Can Do It Together

The Y.E.S initiative is driving this behaviour for all South African business owners and every business must assist with this initiative.

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