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Included In Our Fees Is A Complimentary Marketing And Skills Drive Initiative.

What Does This Mean For You As Our Client?

Gauteng City College – Skills Development will use our in-house Marketing Department to market a Skills Development event together with you as our client.

Here Is What We Will Do:

  • Specify an event date.
  • Market to all your suppliers via email, telephone calls and direct supplier interaction.
  • Invite them to a complimentary event that is approved by you as our client.
  • We have a complete program available that is only unique to our service offering and a industry first.
  • Your suppliers will receive complimentary advice from our umbrella partners.
  • Your suppliers will qualify for a preliminary meeting from GCC-SD
  • Provide them with a needs analysis session.

What Will We Need From You As Our Client?

  • Specify an event date.
  • Employee from your company overseeing the skills drive.
  • A letter from your company that states that we have the approval to drive this initiative with you.
  • Availability on the day of the event.

The reason for doing this is that, at GCC-SD does not only want to play the part of assisting our clients to achieve their desired B-BBEE status, but also assist our client’s suppliers to achieve a better B-BBEE Rating. If we can provide all our client’s suppliers with some of our services, then this will have a direct impact on our current clients B-BBEE Scorecard when they have to renew their B-BBEE Certificate. We have observed that if your suppliers has an exceptional B-BBEE Certificate, then you as our client will have a more desired B-BBEE Certificate in the market than your competitors.


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